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Birth Of A Beauty (2014) putlockers cafe

Birth Of A Beauty Episode 4 Putlockers

Director: Lee Chang-Min

Genres: Comedy, Psychological, Family
Stars: Joo Sang-Wook, Han Ye-Seul, Jung Gyu-Woon, Wang Ji-Hye, Han Sang-Jin, Ha Jae-Suk, Han Jin-Hee, Kim Young-Ae, Kang Kyung-Hun, Jin Ye-Sol, Kim Yong-Rim, Shim Yi-Young, Kim Cheong, In Gyo-Jin, Kwon Si-Hyun, Lee Jong-Nam
Language: English
Quality: HD
Birth Of A Beauty (2014) story: Han Tae Hee is the heir of a large company. He is suffering from a broken heart syndrome due to a psychological shock. But instead of nursing his heartache like a sensible person, Han Tae Hee enlists Sa Geum, whom he transforms from an overweight ugly duckling to a gorgeous bombshell named Sara. In the process, Han Tae Hee falls in love with Sa Ra.

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